OST and Jingles – “FAST Racing NEO” for Nintendo WiiU

What a leap. All of a sudden I had the chance to create a great soundtrack for a really cool game – and for a Nintendo console, too! It was a little childhood dream that came true. But
I really had a lot to learn – so I got the chance from Manfred Linzner and his team of Shin’en Multimedia and used it well. I remember the first song was pretty unspectacular, the second one really challenged me – I should build in electric guitars, which I had never done before. As far as I remember there were over 40 of them! revisions. But I learned a lot and I think it’s one of the best songs in the whole soundtrack. From then on I understood much better what the soundtrack is about and how I have to realize it… There were never so many revisions again!

Shin’en Multimedia