Music Album “Distraction”

“Distraction” is my second full-length music album. At that time I wanted to put 3 sections in my logo. The wave on the left, should stand for the sound design “Bjulin Waves”. On the right, the tree-like thing should stand for “Bjulin Arts” – this meant the game area for me, because I wanted to develop games even then. Below the bar with the notes, that was then “Bjulin Music” – self-explanatory. The lettering “Bjulin” was not really great either. Well… that’s what I call really awkward!

After all, I had commissioned the painting from an artist about “deviantart”. It should represent the “distraction” from the stressful everyday life, which I find in my music. At least that was quite cool! And until today I still love “Dive to Atlantis”, “Cold Sky”, “Enchantress” and “Nocturnal Awakening”.

Find it on your favorite music platform.